Helen Zajkowski

203 348 8271

Found Objects


In this particular series, I used the mundane, the discarded, and the forgotten to comment on our modern day enigmas and dilemmas.  Found objects, just like words, when disconnected, have little or no meaning as signifiers.  By juxtaposing them in ironic ways, I create a new visual language that calls viewers to a new awareness and a new perception not only of what they see, but how they perceive it. The real becomes surreal and the surreal becomes real.   Through my sculptures I deconstruct the universal conception of objects and create a new reality that is charged with irony and humor. By playing with objects, I invite viewers to participate in the psychological game where the viewers’ imagination is challenged and they intuitively react to each piece.  It is this reaction to the objects that makes the objects art and not the objects themselves.








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